Canal Boat Steering – How To Move Your Boat by JANUL – Signed, including postage


Have you have ever wanted to steer a canal boat or improve your technique?
If you have struggled to get started, especially when reversing or turning, you will, indeed, find out exactly why you simply “haven’t learnt to do it – YET”.
If you are a complete beginner, there is basic tuition in the form of “how to” and exercises to get you started. You will find technical information and reasons why sometimes, people do things differently.
For those who have steered for a while and who fancy polishing their skills, there is plenty in there to help improve on those hard to grasp manoeuvres.
With nine pages of hints, tips and exercises on just the dreaded reverse, that, alone, should make you curious…………..

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This pocket book is packed with detailed information on how to get started or to improve your existing technique. It is the way that Janul delivers her real time tuition and addresses techniques learned over many years of both leisure boating and commercial steering. The author goes the extra mile to drive home the readers understanding of “why” many people struggle to get things right.

As owner and principal of Canal Experience Training, JANUL is an experienced RYA Instructor for courses including the RYA Helmsman. Her qualifications also include the MCA Boatmaster, used during many seasons of work on “Jason’s Trip”, in Little Venice, London. After four decades of diverse boating, including coalboats, tugs and other workboats, JANUL’S teaching has an edge of varied technique.

She considers herself fortunate to have had such opportunities.


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